Pastoral care and student welfare

children with teacher

St Thomas More’s Primary School provides a positive learning environment where students feel a sense of belonging, safety and support. Our teachers and support staff place a great deal of importance on fostering positive relationships with students based on an understanding of their individual academic and emotional needs, as well as their aspirations and challenges.  

Students are encouraged to find their voice and use it to talk about issues and areas of concern to them. In addition to our formal leadership groups, including our Year 6 Service Club and our Year 5 Social Justice Club, we have a number of student led initiatives that develop throughout the year based on the perceived needs of our school community.  

Our whole school social and emotional learning programs assist students in supporting their own wellbeing and developing their resilience and self-regulation skills. Students from Prep to Year 6 work through a variety of programs throughout the year including  

  • Life Education with Healthy Harold 
  • Bounce Back: an award-winning program which uses quality literature and dialogue to promote positive mental health, wellbeing, and resilience 
  • Zones of Regulation: a curriculum designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control.

In addition to these school-based programs, students have access to our School Counselling Services.  

Student wellbeing is a priority at St Thomas More’s and all of our staff are committed to developing and maintaining open lines of communication with our families and school services in order to meet the individual needs of students in a caring and supportive way.